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Let us help you to create your own
sustainable apparel collection

We are happy to help you with the realization of your own sustainable certified clothing line. All our clothing is produced in Europe. Specialized in sustainable printing of clothing with various techniques.

Fixed Prices for Sampling

Know what you get? Sampling is very important before ordering large numbers of garments. At Gewoon Opvallen (GO) we have fixed prices for samples for the GO basic collection of sustainable clothing.

Fast Delivery

Our average delivery time for a sample garment from our basic GO collection with a personalized print (eg logo, print or text) is 1 week. If you want a custom piece of clothing (own confection based on a good tech pack), the lead time is approximately 6 weeks.

Sustainable certificates

All garments sold by GO are certified and are produced exclusively within the EU. All the sustainable garments we supply will have at least the Oeko-Tex Made in Green and/or the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate from our manufacturer.

Fitting sweater produced for client made from organic cotton GOTS certified


We’re emphasising the idea of eco-responsibility in our expertise, all our own production processes and to our suppliers. This is why GO only works together with suppliers that are increasingly using recycled materials in their manufacturing of apparel and are actively reducing their emissions. Regarding the use of fabrics, we focus on the use of organic cotton or in-conversion cotton certified by Ecocert Greenlife. This cotton is grown without pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers or GMOs.
Your final product will be produced in the Netherlands (Assen) in our own hypermodern 2022 build manufacturing facility. We are producing more (sun)energy (25.000 kWh per year) than is used (15.000 kWh) and are not using/connected to any other energy resources such as gas. The building has a energy label A++ which means that it’s build super efficient with a keen eye on emissions.

We are actively committed to gaining more insight into the entire supply chain of the products we supply. In consultation, we can find the product for you that fits in well with your proposition in terms of certification and sustainability. We only work with EU-based clothing manufacturers. This has many advantages in terms of sustainability, transparency and product liability.

Our 8 focus points

  1. Transparancy
  2. Supply chain traceability
  3. Decent work
  4. Gender and racial equality
  5. Sustainable sourcing and materials
  6. Waste and circularity
  7. Water and Chemicals
  8. Climate change and biodiversity
reuse reduce recycle minimize the amount of garment we use by better and fairer production

Striving for zero-emission clothing

Gewoon Opvallen (GO) started their business years ago with the idea that production and especially the printing/dying of apparel should be done in a far more less polluting way. Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of water globally and it takes around 2.700 liters of water to make a typical t-shirt. In 2030 it is expected that annually 120 billion cubic meters of clean water are polluted by the global textile production (48 million Olympic swimming pools). At this moment textile production is responsible for approximately 20% of the global clean water pollution. 10% of the global greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions are cauesed by clothing and footwear production. We do not look away from these hard facts and have decided to embrace them instead of ignoring them.

That is why our mission is to make beautiful clothes without further harming our planet! Will you join us on this journey? We would love to help you with sourcing your sustainable collection.

Examples of our GO Basic Collection

“GO helped us to create our own merchandise hoodie collection fully made of organic cotton with a print of waterbased inks.”

Financieel Content BV

“Marcel helped us to start our sustainable clothing brand. Even though GO could not get the exact bags produced we had in mind, he introduced us to a very helping 3rd party free of charge.”

A real green clothing brand is born

Your review here? Do you want to promote your clothing brand, please let us know

Marcel Ellerie

Let’s work together on your
next sustainable fashion project